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Highlights from ESGX’s Earth Week

Discussions on Faith, Green Jobs, Science-Based Targets, Academia, and Activism

The inspiration behind the very first Earth Day was education; the event was conceived to host teach-ins about the environment. In the spirit of this tradition, on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day Newday partnered with HIP Investor and Pottinger to host four ESGX webinars, now available for streaming. Here are the highlights of the week’s discussions:

Creating a Better World Through Faith-Based Investing

  • Spiritual leaders are natural narrators, storytellers, and connectors. Evocative discussions between the panelists unveiled symmetries between religions—like humanity’s role as stewards.

  • Destroying God’s masterpiece is not loving him: this is the core of Creation Care. Anna Jane Joyner talks about being a climate activist and the daughter of a conservative evangelical pastor.

  • Among all actions, interconnectedness and faith can empower individuals that their little bit of good among a lot of bad matters. Faith can and should play a much bigger role in our decision-making, and can act as a bridge for human development as we adapt to future scenarios on earth.

  • Capital is not inherently good or bad—but should not cause damage and should be fluid.

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Science-Based Targets and Triple-Bottom-Line Impact

  • Industries as diverse as apparel, breweries, and airports are creating and meeting their own science-based targets.

  • As more companies commit to science-based targets and pledge 100% (or better) renewable energy, they are often surprised by how quick the transition and payoff occurs.

  • Science-Based Targets present three categories of emissions. Scope 3 emissions, which result from a company’s supply chain, are often the trickiest to manage. However, by tackling Scope 3 emissions, companies can initiate changes that engender systematic change that ripples through entire sectors.

  • Employees are an underrated but highly powerful mobilizer of company culture and sustainability initiatives.

  • The most vulnerable people of a community must be intertwined with both company and global objectives. In Australia, AI is being utilized to expand indigenous knowledge while protecting massive areas of land.

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Activating Academia for Climate Action

  • Students, faculty, and employers all agree in this panel—we can’t create a resilient planet alone!

  • Democratizing the social impact space is at the forefront of the next generation of activists’ and environmentalists’ agendas.

  • Even though the social impact sector consists of highly motivated, independent individuals—whether creating their own ventures or their own majors!—the sector needs more collaboration, more capital, and more attention.

  • The ultimate value and effects produced by Impact Investing and social entrepreneurship are often unpredictable; systems-level thinking in institutions and innovation is required.

  • Grassroots efforts define young environmentalists’ rigor and influence. Those in positions of power, like tenured professors, are also essential advocates who can institutionalize change and prioritize a university’s sustainability rankings.

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Green Jobs, Green New Deal, and Job Guarantees

  • Most jobs deliver “good products and services” but nearly all jobs have a negative or unclear environmental impact.

  • Green jobs show a trend towards higher pay.

  • Unemployment statistics are misleading, even when historically low; there are not enough jobs for people who want them and there is significant stratification regarding race.

  • We have 10 years to act! The Green New Deal will decarbonize the economy and create jobs while addressing structural weaknesses and inequality. The transformation of the economy is possible—but it cannot be merely tested out, it has to be comprehensive and permanent. The Green New Deal framework would be federally funded, locally implemented, urban and rural, and inclusive.

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