Investing and Baby Fur Seals: A Love Story

This is Anthony from Newday here to tell you how this baby fur seal relates to investing.

Don't believe me? Just watch.

You see, this isn't just any baby fur seal. This little guy lives on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean off the western coast of South America called South Georgia.  He is soft and he knows it.

South Georgia is a very special island because of how southern it really is. Only a few hundred miles from the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia is almost completely isolated from human contact, but it's where this baby fur seal and many species of seals, penguins, and sea birds call home.

In fact, South Georgia is home to over 2 million fur seals, 50% of the world's population of elephant seals, 7 million albatrosses, and this noble fur seal pup (who wants you to know that he's not a baby anymore).

Truly, the scale of life on this beautiful island can't be captured in words or images, but its importance as a haven to marine wildlife can't be understated.

Unfortunately, fur seals, penguins, albatrosses, and the millions of living things that call South Georgia home are immediately threatened by the earth's changing climate. As research has shown, warming occurs faster toward the poles partly because the atmosphere is much thinner and there's less air for the sun to heat. In short, South Georgia is heating up fast.

So, what does this have to do with investing?

I've always said that investing is one of the most powerful actions that a person can make. In this instance, it's powerful enough to curve the path of a changing world climate and protect the way of life for not only yourself but for a small, soft, baby fur seal sitting on the shore of South Georgia. If investing can do this, then it can do anything.

Simply put, investing makes things happen on a large scale, but the people behind the investment determine what happens. That's where impact investing comes in. By investing in companies that have the same values and vision for the future as you, you are making that future become a reality. You choose what happens.

Oil and gas? Or renewable energy. Weapons manufacturing? Or affordable housing. No baby fur seals? Or many.

How does impact investing work?

The opportunity of impact investing is that more companies are beginning to change in order to align with the values of their customers and investors and to meet their demand for higher standards. In other words, if you care about baby fur seals, they do too.

At Newday, we identify companies that are changing the status quo and we organize them in our mobile app so that anyone can invest in them. For example, our Climate Action Portfolio is a collection of companies that are industry-leaders in low greenhouse gas emission technology and infrastructure. The issue of climate change is global and extremely complicated, but our future and frankly, the future of all living things depend on the success of these companies and others like them across the world.

How do I get started?

We want everyone to be a part of the solution, so we made getting started super easy. Thanks to fractional shares, it only takes $100 to start investing with Newday. Before you open an investment account, you can see that in addition to the Climate Action Portfolio, we have several other strategies to align with your environmental and social impact initiatives.

You can find this screen by tapping the yellow dollar sign, then tap one of the portfolios from the list to make a selection.  The app lets you choose more than one, but my favorite combination is the Ocean Health Portfolio and the Climate Action Portfolio.

"Three fur seal pups striking a pose for the camera against the backdrop of a South Georgia shore."

Happy investing!


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