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Thank you for being a Newday client and seeing the world through a lens of opportunity and hope. We have been developing new portfolios over the last few months, and we are finally excited to share with you the latest line of investment options at Newday!

We are proud to announce in partnership with Nia Impact Capital and HIP Investor, the introduction to our 4 newest impact portfolios.

Today marks an exciting time for impact investing. With you, our customers, and this partnership between Newday and two influential, like-minded organizations, Nia Impact Capital and HIP Investor, we will continue to drive the positive change our society of changemakers needs!

For new users*, who haven’t been able to open accounts recently, we appreciate your patience in anticipation of this announcement. We are now accepting new account openings!

For current Newday Diversity and Inclusion Portfolio investors, Newday is retiring the Diversity and Inclusion portfolio effective February 4th. Don’t worry, you don’t need to take any action, the Nia Global Solutions Portfolio will replace the Diversity and Inclusion portfolio. We will automatically rebalance your portfolio with Nia’s holdings.

Nia Global Solutions

Designed to bring impact investing into the public markets, this portfolio has a strong solutions focus and a gender lens woven throughout. At Nia, the core objective is to generate a competitive rate of return while creating a positive impact for investors and for our planet. The Portfolio is specifically constructed for impact investors focused on creating a just, sustainable and inclusive world.

HIP Sustainable Real Estate (REITs)

The HIP Sustainable Real Estate portfolio invests in the top-rated real estate investment trusts (REITs) that typically generate dividends. HIP rates all tradeable REITs for overall sustainability, including what share of properties are LEED-certified, which can lead to lower usage and costs of energy, water, and waste.  Properties pursuing sustainability and LEED criteria can realize higher rents and lower tenant turnover. Some tenants even experience higher productivity and attendance, along with fewer health problems for staff.

HIP Great Place to Work

The HIP Great Place To Work portfolio is based on the annual list of Great Place to Work Institute, published in Fortune magazine yearly, which rates and ranks employee-related metrics, feedback, and surveys. “Great workplaces” prioritize employee pay, benefits, and recognition, which can lead to higher employee retention, engagement, and innovation. These factors can drive more new products, more customer referrals, higher revenue, and lower employee turnover, aligning with “people as an asset” philosophy.

HIP Global Dividends

The HIP Global Dividends portfolio invests in firms with attractive dividends and leadership in sustainability, as rated by HIP. The portfolio invests in a combination of stocks (US-based firms) and ADRs (international-based firms), which are leaders in their industry, serve customers around the world, and deliver products and services which are generally positive for people, planet, and trust. This portfolio provides some international diversification to your investing.

*With the introduction of the four (4) new investment strategies, the new minimum for a  new account will require an investment level of $100. With a $100 investment, we recommend selecting only one (1) of the recommended portfolios. This allows your investment to fully replicate the model portfolio. If you wish to invest in more than one (1)  portfolio we recommend a minimum $100 investment into each portfolio*

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