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RSVP to Join Impact Leaders during Earth Week

Next week is Earth Week, with the 50-year anniversary of Earth Day started in 1970, inspired by this picture of Earth from space during the Apollo missions to the Moon.

In partnership with HIP Investor and Pottinger, Newday and ESGX invite you to join 1, 2, 3 or all 4 free online webinars covering exciting innovations and solutions -- Science Based Targets, Green Jobs and the Green New Deal, Faith Based Investing, and Activating Academia -- to build a better world together.

RSVP below for each event during Earth Week as we learn, foster long-term thinking, inspire and investigate pathways towards a more circular economy, take action together towards a more sustainable society.

Science-Based Targets

Tuesday, April 21st 2pm PDT | 5pm EDT

This ESGX focuses on companies setting and achieving science-based targets to meet their greenhouse-gas reduction (GHG) goals.

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Green New Jobs

Wednesday, April 22nd

2pm PDT | 5pm EDT

This ESGX profiles The Green Jobs report launch, the Green New Deal possibilities, and how to design a Job Guarantee.

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Faith-based Investing

Thursday, April 23rd

2pm PDT | 5pm EDT

This ESGX Earth Week Special is a forum to explore the central role of environmentalism in our global faith-based communities, and ways in which we can work together to rebuild a stronger and more resilient future through impact investing.

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Activating Academia

Friday, April 24th 2pm PDT | 5pm EDT

This ESGX forum explores how to empower and engage your University, Campus, and System for climate action -- including procurement, endowment investing, student advocacy, professors teaching curricula, and more.

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