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Meet Andrea Athanas: A Speaker at Our Upcoming ESGx Event on July 14th

Meet Andrea Athanas, the African Wildlife Foundation’s Director in Europe, who is responsible for engaging Africa’s strategic partners to build a future in which human development includes thriving wildlife and extensive wildlands as a cultural and economic asset for Africa’s future generations.

Athanas has spent her career working on the conservation, sustainable use and equitable sharing of benefits from biodiversity, Andrea’s latest decade has been dedicated to designing and supporting teams to deliver integrated conservation and development approaches in African landscapes. Her portfolio spans from Ethiopia to Zimbabwe and from Kenya to Senegal. While living with her young family in Tanzania, she designed and fundraised for programs linking agriculture development to forest and wetland conservation in the Kilombero valley and Mbeya highlands, critical elephant habitats, and the source of water for millions of people downstream. Bringing experience linking business into the biodiversity agenda, Andrea continues to engage at a global level on technical issues such as integrated impact assessments, biodiversity offsets, conservation enterprises, incentive measures, and financing. Most recently, she has been designing sustainable and lasting finance for Africa’s protected area networks and linking the private sector into landscape conservation efforts.

Andrea holds a Master’s in Environmental Assessment and Evaluation from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and English from the University of Michigan.

We are lucky enough to have Andrea Athanas speak in our upcoming ESGx event on July 14th. If you want to hear Athanas’ opinions on human’s relationship with nature register below for our ESGx event: Re-thinking Our Relationship With Nature.

On June 30th, ESGX will host "Survival Instinct: Rethinking Our Relationship With Nature" to discuss:

  1. How are the frictions between people and wildlife growing?

  2. Did this contribute to the COVID-19 pandemic?

  3. How has funding been impacted?

  4. How can we best support wildlife organizations and educators?

Register here for the free event

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