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Meet Georgie Badiel: A Speaker at Our Upcoming ESGx Event on August 18th

Georgie Badiel grew up 1 of 10 brothers and sisters on the Ivory Coast, spending a majority of her childhood in the village of Koffikro. Here Badiel had to wake up at 6 am every morning to get water with her grandmother and female cousins. They had to walk 3 hours back and forth to fill their barrels of water, each barrel containing 59 gallons of water; however, she considers herself lucky not to have had to walk farther as some women did. While her male family members were allowed to sleep, it was her and her female family members’ duty to get the water for their family. It was quite difficult for Badiel to accept this gender inequality, and she would frequently ask questions regarding why the water was so far and why it had to be boiled before they could consume it. She was determined to do something to change this.

Badiel was crowned Miss Africa in 2004, and shortly thereafter, she began her modeling career in Paris. She’s modeled for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and Lanvin and has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and GQ, to name just a few. It was when her modeling career jetted her off to New York that Badiel decided to use her platform to tackle the lack of potable drinking water in her West African homeland.

In 2016 Badiel took to writing in order to bring awareness, co-creating the children’s book, The Water Princess. A picture book set in Badiel’s village of Goundi that tells the story of Badiel’s life as a young child who dreams of bringing clean water to her people. After the book became a success, Badiel went on to publish another children’s book titled, Water is Here, in 2019, under her own imprint, Princess GieGie Publishing.

It was in 2015 that she decided to start the Georgie Badiel Foundation, which is dedicated to building and restoring clean water wells in Burkina Faso. Since its start, the foundation has provided over 270,000 people with access to clean water, all of whom had previously suffered from water shortages.

Badiel’s message surrounds the days that she remembers in her school, Lycée Newtown of Ouagadougou, in Burkina Faso, where the water would shut off in the whole school starting in April. It would be roughly 100 degrees outside, making it nearly impossible to pay attention because she and her peers were so thirsty. Later down the line - after becoming a successful model - she returned home to find her sister, pregnant with her fourth child, having to wake up between 2 and 4 am to get water. Her and women alike had to sleep on the road, only to return home with one bucket of water. It was then that Badiel decided to do something about the water situation in Burkina Faso.

Badiel is determined to make a change and provide clean water to all the children of Burkina Faso so that they are able to focus in school - unlike she was - and get the education they deserve. Moreover, she is determined to provide clean water to every woman and man in Burkina Faso so that they can prosper and, in turn, help their families to flourish as well, no longer having to worry about water scarcity.

Badiel does not want her story to be the story of any other child. She believes that the chain must be broken.

Clean water is essential to the well being and success of every human. It is a fundamental human right. Badiel welcomes you to join her in making her dream a reality and hopes that her story will inspire you to become a part of her movement to bring clean water to those in need.

We are lucky enough to have Georgie Badiel speak in our upcoming ESGx event on August 18th. If you would like to learn more about Badiel’s movement and her opinions on what work is required to bring prosperity through diversity register below for our ESGx event: Prosperity Through Diversity.

On August 18th, ESGX will host "Prosperity Through Diversity: Activists, Champions, & Unsung Heroes" to discuss:

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  2. Where can we drive real progress, and what goals should we set?

  3. Why is it urgent, and when should we expect results?

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