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Meet Shawn Sugarman: A Speaker at Our Upcoming ESGx Event on July 14th

Meet Shawn Sugarman, the President of Elephant Cooperation, a San Clemente, CA-based non-profit dedicated to saving African elephants by fighting ivory poaching while helping the communities adjacent to wildlife areas with basic needs and education.

Sugarman on far left

Sugarman is a former CEO and entrepreneur with over 30 years of business experience with consumer-facing brands, including The Coca-Cola Company, Coca-Cola Nestle Refreshments, Minute Maid Canada, and Odwalla. He was most recently the CEO of Evolution Fresh, Inc. a California based fresh juice business acquired in November 2011 by Starbucks. In his role, Sugarman secured private equity financing to install and successfully commercialize the first large-scale high pressure processed juice facility in the US.

Sugarman studied Economics at Principia College and earned a Master’s degree from the University of Texas.

We are lucky enough to have Shawn Sugarman speak in our upcoming ESGx event on July 14th. If you want to hear Sugarman’s opinions on human’s relationship with nature register below for our ESGx event: Re-thinking Our Relationship With Nature.

On June 30th, ESGX will host "Survival Instinct: Rethinking Our Relationship With Nature" to discuss:

  1. How are the frictions between people and wildlife growing?

  2. Did this contribute to the COVID-19 pandemic?

  3. How has funding been impacted?

  4. How can we best support wildlife organizations and educators?

Register here for the free event

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