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Meet Shifra Goldenberg: A Speaker at Our Upcoming ESGx Event on July 14th

Meet Shifra Goldenberg, a behavioral ecologist in the Conservation Ecology Center at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and a research fellow with the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research.

Dr. Shifra Goldenberg works at both the San Diego Zoo and the Smithsonian focusing her work on the intersection of animal behavior and conservation and population sustainability. As a behavioral ecologist, Shifra works to leverage animal behavior to address questions that simultaneously advance the basic understanding of animal societies and conservation objectives, primarily conducting research in the field. Most recently, she has been focused on developing and implementing research to inform conservation translocations in Asian and African elephants, which includes understanding social behavior, interactions with humans, and movement strategies.

Shifra earned her bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Michigan, where she studied diatom community dynamics in a freshwater ecosystem and minored in Near Eastern Studies, and received her doctorate in Ecology from Colorado State University in the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology. Her dissertation work investigated the behavioral response of African elephants to a period of ivory poaching and natural mortality, including social behavior, nervousness, and movement. She completed a postdoctoral position with the nonprofit organization Save the Elephants and Colorado State University, researching changes in movement strategies across generations in female elephants. She collaborates with partners across nonprofit, government, and academic spheres to inform evidence-based conservation.

We are lucky enough to have Shifra Goldenberg speak in our upcoming ESGx event on July 14th. If you want to hear Goldenberg’s opinions on human’s relationship with nature register below for our ESGx event: Re-thinking Our Relationship With Nature.

On June 30th, ESGX will host "Survival Instinct: Rethinking Our Relationship With Nature" to discuss:

  1. How are the frictions between people and wildlife growing?

  2. Did this contribute to the COVID-19 pandemic?

  3. How has funding been impacted?

  4. How can we best support wildlife organizations and educators?

Register here for the free event

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