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Updated: May 4, 2020

One of the most impactful things you can do as a citizen is engaging in the issues that you really care about. Newday has partnered with Community Bond to create a social platform app that brings together like-minded people from around the world, who want to make an impact, through sharing information, organizing events, and having fun.

We are proud to be introducing the first version of the Newday Impact Community, a platform where you can meet, talk, join events, and share your experiences with other like-minded and obsessed “Impactors” around impact issues. The Newday Impact Community gives you that opportunity to become an advocate, maybe an activist, or possibly even an indigenous philanthropist supporting the change you care about.

Now is the time to engage, come together to support and guide one another on ways in which we can build a more resilient future for the planet and all of its inhabitants.

Share your knowledge with the world and join the community today by signing up below.

  1. Download Community Bond from the App Store or Google Play Store

  2. Find Newday Impact Community

  3. Create an account

  4. Answer a few purposeful questions

  5. Start logging meaningful activities and earning coins

Please take your time while answering these important questions - we plan on globally profiling the most creative responses.

You can log activities like gardening, park cleanup, conscious eating, and many more. You can also host and participate in meetups which will earn you coins as well. We can make a huge impact in our daily lives - Together!

Our shared humanity requires awareness and discussion of global issues concerning; Equality, Trust, Wealth, Health, and the Earth. Thanks to Community Bond, there are five impactful groups.

Each group will have its focus:

  • Health - wellness, nourishment, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, and more

  • Wealth - financial education, personal savings, empowerment, inclusion, and more

  • Earth - land, oceans, air, animals, and more

  • Equality - gender, diversity, inclusion, displacement, faith, and more

  • Trust - governance, accountability, stakeholder capitalism, corporate policies & practices, and more

Newday and Community Bond are committed to creating a community that is fun, easy to use, and respects each individual's privacy by not selling any personal data or filling the feed with advertisements. The pure focus of these communities is to inspire change and learn from one another.

Welcome to the Newday Impact Community!


The Bond community platform is an independent entity and is not affiliated with Newday Financial Technologies.Inc or any Newday subsidiary. Newday does not control third party content posted to the platform. This platform is served purely for educational and community engagement purposes, and will not be used as a medium for customer support or direct messaging to the Newday team. The Bond team will review and take action against reports of abuse, cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and fake news.

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