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Lock Down, Share the Load, Rebuild a Better World

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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Join Newday CEO Doug Heske, our partners HIP Investor CEO Paul Herman and Nia Impact Capital CEO Kristin Hull, and other leaders in a sustainability discussion and free online webinar on how long-term thinking, the circular economy, and related concepts can help us make better decisions and identify more effective responses to the challenges that we currently face (hosted by ESGX).

Covid-19 has led to crisis conditions around the world. Countries are under effective social lockdown, with severe near-term economic and psychological implications. In this free, online, interactive e-Conference, our guest panelists will share their perspectives on the challenges we face, and will explore how we can work together to rebuild a better world, society, and economy.

March 31 at 4 pm EDT // 1 pm PDT April 1 at 7 am Sydney // 6 am Brisbane


Event Overview

  1. How do we stay positive and look after each other?

  2. How should we develop solutions to the problems we face?

  3. How do we plan and take action towards a stronger, more resilient future?

More Details About the Event

Lockdown vs free-for-all: How do we cope with the new reality?

  • Is the cure worse than the disease? Which responses are working?

  • How will capital flow to Main Street as well as Wall Street?

  • What should we look for from business, government, and society?

Sharing the load: How can we take action and support a turnaround?

  • What products can be made by manufacturers? Service firms?

  • What’s the role for investors, wealth advisors, and funds/ETFs?

  • How can cities, govts., and not-for-profits maximise their impact?

Rebuild: How can we work together to rebuild a better world?

  • Rapid response – repurposing capability and capital to rebuild fast

  • What near-term opportunities for sustainable growth exist?

  • How can we use this crisis to prepare for a wave of climate action?

March 31 at 4 pm EDT // 1 pm PDT April 1 at 7 am Sydney // 6 am Brisbane


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