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Spotlight: Hanes

Updated: Apr 8, 2020


All I want for Christmas are whitey tighties

Or at least you will once you hear how sustainable Hanes is.

The go-to brand for everyday basics reported through CDP that their water management score is above average across all Fortune 500 companies. Not too shabby (although your undies probably are).

Hanes’ scores are notable because, unlike most apparel companies, Hanes is vertically integrated and owns most of its supply chain. The company owns everything from the land on which its cotton is grown, to the various manufacturing processes and factories that transform that raw cotton into a wearable piece of clothing.

This means Hanes has a great deal of control over every step of its supply chain. In comparison to brands that outsource manufacturing, Hanes benefits directly when it increases the efficiency of textile manufacturing. If their textile factories use less water and energy, Hanes can immediately pocket those savings.

The fashion industry is super thirsty

Most of us are aware of our carbon footprints, but we don’t think our water footprints nearly as much. Do you know how much water is used in the things you use and buy?

A single cotton shirt takes 659 gallons of water.

A pair of jeans? 2,108 gallons of water.

Clothes are one of the most water-intensive items we can purchase (particularly cotton). This is why Hanes’ top water management score is so impressive.

They’ve DRAMATICALLY reduced the amount of water used per manufactured pound of clothing — saving the equivalent of 1,777 Olympic sized pools of water.

That’s just about the most fabulous thing we’ve ever heard.

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