Spotlight: NVIDIA

(NASDAQ: NVDA), Climate Action Portfolio

That’s a funny-looking name.

Yeah, we know. Tech companies do weird things to stand out (NVIDIA *is* a tech company), including double vowels, all caps, or no vowels in between consonants… The things we do for branding.

NVIDIA is a computer game company.

They’re the guys creating the fancy graphics chip (a GPU) for your gaming software to run and look good while you’re running it. Because no one likes lag.

Beyond gamers, who else uses GPUs?

Climate scientists don’t just take samples and predict what’s happening to the climate. They need some way to compile, analyze, and visualize climate data. This is where GPUs come in.

Any software that models the earth has to have graphics (Google Earth for example) which are enabled by GPU chips. Every model that analyzes climate data and predicts possible outcomes, must use a GPU. Essentially, any data or projection about the future of climate change is based on GPU-enabled climate modeling.

We’re not listening to the people who are saying “All tech is bad for the environment!” anymore.

Data for a better planet

GPUs are currently being used to support a range of sustainability initiatives, as seen from a few samples pulled from NVIDIA’s blog below:

  • Portugal-based startup is using GPUs in-house to automatically monitor the health of forested areas.

  • Researchers from a couple of different universities are developing a neural network to better predict changes in global temperature.

  • Planck Aerosystems, an autonomous drone company, is working with Transport Canada to identify endangered whales from aerial footage so ships avoid killing them.

Inspiring, right? More on these projects HERE.

A peek inside NVIDIA

We love the way NVIDIA reports and publishes its internal sustainability strategy.

With a clearly labeled table, they cite “Policy” with the corresponding “Action” they took to address that policy. To illustrate how NVIDIA puts their policies into action, the company even links to the practices they use to measure impact.

Great public accountability. Go on an exploration of NVIDIA’s environmental management HERE.

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